Sunday, September 28, 2008

First post!

Hey guys :) Welcome to the blog for the official NJ premiere of Disney's High School Musical! This is just to keep everyone updated on what's happening inside the rehearsals, backstage at the Paper Mill, and everywhere in between. Right now, we're all anxiously awaiting the first rehearsal in NYC - only 2 more weeks! Me, Spencer & Vicki already have a shopping date to buy hot yoga pants so we can be city chic! :) Hope you guys enjoy the blog, feel free to post comments!



Anonymous said...

love. you.
sincerely - newark

Anonymous said...

krista your amazing. i love you. more than newark.
love always,

Krista said...

i love both of you so so much!
love always,
high school spring idol.

Adrian said...

Krista i dont know if you remember me but i was at the auditions with you. But anyways i cant wait until it! can i come to get those hot yoga pants with you.... hahahah

Krista said...

haha yes i remember you! and OF COURSE you can come haha!

Lindsay said...


this is amazing. I am so proud of you :)


Spencer said...

YAY ADRIAN! and i think we should all get victorias secret pink sweatpants and roll them just below the knee. just saying. and yes, you too addition to our yoga pants!

Vicki said...

oh yoga pants..

and krista, this is so cool! something to do with my time OTHER THAN FACEBOOK!

oh, and i love you :)